22 January, 2013

dropped off the face of the earth.

or maybe i am just overgramming on the instagram.

either way, its changing.


11 August, 2012

he's my man, and he's 31

and he could'nt be more perfect.

happy birthday senor... my one and only.


30 July, 2012

summer: the june version


it's been a while. dare i say my longest blogging hiatus ever-ever? possibly.

i have no reason for not blogging, i am not bored with it, nothing devastating has happened, nothing amazing has happened, i haven't found a better outlet to express myself, i don't have better things to be doing, and i am not too busy either.... i just stopped for a minute, and then it became a week, and then it became a month, and now we are here.

so here i am, ready to get back on the wagon.

summer 2012 has been spent mostly at the suncrest pool, surrounding splash pads, and few trips to seven peaks salt lake. this summer i am relishing my children, appreciating the ages they are, and trying to understand the people they are. i adore this little family of mine and i SO love where trevan and i are in our relationship... we are in sync right now, understanding each other better and more in love than ever. i want to remember this.

here are some bits and pieces of the end of may and june...

:: memorial day ::

ezzie started walking at 15 mo and he hasn't looked back.

i hate when they walk, they think they aren't babies anymore.... it's offends.

all of the williams in attendance at my grandpa glenn and uncle jeff's graveside

it does my body good to see this little miracle girl running around.

m' boy and me.

she could do this for hours...

further proof i chose the right man to father my kids.

random... ezra LOVES dustin and since he can't seem to produce a male heir of his own, we will let him borrow our cubbie.

 because grannie billie was cremated, we have no where to visit her. i don't like this and neither does my mom, so she planned a lovely little memorial in remembrance of her mother. she bought all of us balloons to send off to grannie with our sweet memories of her.

these girls... tears.

 we all took turns saying what we remembered and loved about grannie billie. it was so sweet, and i cannot believe how much i miss her, and her love for my sweet jude.

 i like to think our messages was received.

:: june :: 

suncrest with our peeps, the jackson's and peterson's

  get yourself a sister wife (aka brooke) ASAP... all things are better with the jackson's involved.

 jude is finally swimming all by hims self.
he is so proud of himself, as he well should be.

greta is almost there too!
{ do yourself a favor and get yourself within earshot of these two's conversations. }

 we've really tried to enjoy our surroundings this summer and have gone hiking a lot. this was our first attempt of the season... silver lake up big cottonwood canyon.

verdict: perfect.
it is both baby and greta friendly

 G.T.'s with our 4 year old in a backpack... it's a damn good thing she is both little for her age and cute.

 my "hittle" family

 my favorite picture of the summer

 ezra was a much better fit in the backpack... and my view was the best.
after years and years of moose "glassin" we finally saw a moose up big cottonwood canyon (we have seen 5 more since then!)

 so many expressions on that face, so little time.

pure girl.

:: girls trip 2012 ::

robyn called sometime in early may and requested a no kids girls trip with her sisters. umm, easiest decsion i ever made... DONE. so we booked a trip to las vegas for mid june and had one of the best times together as sisters.

we laughed, we snuggled, we held newborns, we ate, we gossiped, we lounged, we swam, we shopped, we instagrammed, we slept, and more.

it was perfection in 3 days form.

 @ i ❤ burgers.

'hash house a go go' round 2... get in my belly.

a little pool time... hey girl.

 i love having sisters... look how beautiful they are!

 we know how to party in a minvan.

 :: father's day ::

we bust our cute little butts home from vegas in order to be home with our hussies for father's day. i was so happy to be with my family again. it's funny how much you can miss them.

my kids have the best, most handsomest, daddie.
we are all lucky to call him ours.

please stay tuned for july

13 June, 2012

dancing queen.

there are maybe one or two things cuter than watching little girls dance AND we got our first experience in watching our own little girl dance in her first recital the last week in may. there are so many fun things about having a daughter, and this may top the list.

 greta is front and center...

when brooke moved to draper in january, we knew getting our girls in the same dance class was our first priority. our kids = cousin siblings. greta LOVED going to dance every week with miss pop tart by her side and minsie was upstairs dancing her fool heart out at the same time. we will get into the whole "dance mom" bit, later but needless to say brooke and i had many laughs. the girls danced at the AED studio in draper and we were thrilled with their experience there.... minus the 8 hour long recital. the girls cannot wait to start back up again in the fall.

its crazy how much i love brooke's girls, they are mine in my eyes. 

an angel girl and her daddie

a plus size momma and her fifth disease stricken daughter... she is edible.

greta's gregory fan club.

and of course grandpa and nannie.

i love my boys to the moon, but i sure love that i have daughter...

04 June, 2012

t-ball, year 3.

baseball jude.

year 3 of t-ball brought jude patience, more skill, understanding, and an all around love of baseball.

of course, loving baseball is easier when all your favorite friends are on your team...

 or when your dad is the coach.

a hit!

jude's ladies it waiting.
p.s. fifth disease kicked our butts this spring

william and jude, bff's

jude and roen, carrying on the family tradition of being best friends

it was a great season and jude is anxious to start up again.
points to trevan for coaching again this year, not an easy job.

oh, and don't forget miss gretsie