13 June, 2012

dancing queen.

there are maybe one or two things cuter than watching little girls dance AND we got our first experience in watching our own little girl dance in her first recital the last week in may. there are so many fun things about having a daughter, and this may top the list.

 greta is front and center...

when brooke moved to draper in january, we knew getting our girls in the same dance class was our first priority. our kids = cousin siblings. greta LOVED going to dance every week with miss pop tart by her side and minsie was upstairs dancing her fool heart out at the same time. we will get into the whole "dance mom" bit, later but needless to say brooke and i had many laughs. the girls danced at the AED studio in draper and we were thrilled with their experience there.... minus the 8 hour long recital. the girls cannot wait to start back up again in the fall.

its crazy how much i love brooke's girls, they are mine in my eyes. 

an angel girl and her daddie

a plus size momma and her fifth disease stricken daughter... she is edible.

greta's gregory fan club.

and of course grandpa and nannie.

i love my boys to the moon, but i sure love that i have daughter...


maggie said...

She is gorg Kennan.
And STOOOOOOOP w/ the plus sized mamma bit...you look great.


DibWoman said...

I so miss you guys. We would be great neighbors!

Pamela Williams said...


jayni & ben said...

she is so stinking cute. and so are you. i wish i could pull off short hair like you!!